Beth-Dating Like Airplanes smallMany authors enter the “world of publishing” with little or no understanding of the inner-workings of the “beast”. Often their books flounder due to a lack of know-how on their part as well as lack of focus on the publisher’s. It is our goal here at the Van Diest Literary Agency to help guide you down the publishing path, helping you avoid the potholes and pitfalls and keeping your book projects on the right track.

Here are some ways we will help:


Most of the reputable publishing houses no longer accept un-solicited manuscripts. With nearly 25 years experience in the industry, we have the contacts. We can put your manuscript in the “right” hands.


Most people find the prospect of negotiation, at the very least, an undesirable task, and more likely it’s distasteful.

We’ve been involved with thousands of contracts and know what’s the best for the sale of your book.


For most authors their book is their “baby”. They have spent countless hours thinking, praying and struggling over the message. We know this and can help you deal with the stress associated with it. We are here to help guide you down the winding, uncertain path of publishing.


With years of experience on the inside of publishing we can offer insights and advice on the most critical times in an author’s life.  It is often overlooked in an author/agent relationship because most agents have no experience in the marketing of books. We will work with you and the publisher to ensure that the most effective marketing approaches are used.


It is often the seemingly small details that make a big difference down the road.  Many times it’s the small things that make or break an author’s career. Knowing all aspects of the inner workings of publishing is crucial.  It is our job to ensure every opportunity has been explored by the publisher.


What We Are Looking For:  While secular publishing offers many good and helpful books, our experience and focus is in the Christian market.  It’s where we have spent nearly 25 years and find the most success and satisfaction.
All our authors have one thing in common … a deep conviction that Jesus offers the answers to every need and problem we face today.  More directly, that Jesus is God’s Son, and that He is God in human form.  That He died on the cross and was physically raised from the dead and it is through his death and resurrection we are justified and have true life.
It is because of these convictions that we believe the best books are yet to be published.  Books which deliver timeless truths with a fresh new voice that reaches an ever changing audience that needs the truth.  The following has become the driving force for the agency.

From the cowardice that shrinks from new truth
From the laziness that is content with half truth
From the arrogance of the one who thinks he knows all truth
Oh, God of Truth, deliver me

Lives have been changed and are being changed because of good books written to inspire Christian growth, give a better understand of God, direct people in God’s plan, and offer biblically-based advice.  Non-fiction is usually the best genre to communicate these things, however, in certain instances fiction is what’s needed.  While we mainly handle non-fiction, there are a select group of fiction writers who have a unique message which is enhanced because of the format of fiction.
We are actively looking to discover and bring to market a few authors with fresh perspectives on timely subjects. Before submitting a proposal or manuscript, we ask that you submit an online query found on the Contact Us page.  We will contact you if we would like to receive a full proposal.

Format For Submissions

Rather than recreate the wheel, we find the proposal guidelines found on Michael Hyatt’s website to be best.

To view the submission guidelines for proposals we will accept click here.